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Increase revenue, gain stability and predictability by charging a monthly membership for your most special and exclusive content.

We’ve created a platform that’s simple, user-friendly, that gives you complete control over how you monetize your content, and provides a range of options to help you earn more from your hard work. 

On Memberse, you can gather everything in one place: Video, podcast, text, photos and connect and engage your audience. 

Offer Memberships

Easily set up a membership service for your followers, giving them access to exclusive content, in all formats, for a monthly fee that you can define.

Receive Donations

Receive direct donations from your core audience, without even needing to ask. You can give the option to receive that type of support.

Receive Paid DMs

Your knowledge should be valued, and we know that a lot of DMs ask that for free. Your time is the most valuable asset, and on Memberse, you can give this opportunity to your most loyal followers.

Why build your own universe on Memberse​

Increased Revenue

By offering exclusive content in exchange for a monthly fee, you can potentially increase your revenue by providing a premium service to a subset of your audience.

Engage even more with your audience

You can foster a more engaged audience with who really cares about you, those who are willing to pay for access your premium content. This can lead to increased interaction and engagement with you and your content, which can in turn lead to more visibility and growth on social media.

Greater control over content distribution

You can have more control over who has access to your content and how it is distributed. This can be particularly useful for those who want to limit the distribution of their content to a specific part of your audience, your real community, or who want to prevent their content from being shared without their permission, or receiving hate online.

Higher quality content

With the additional revenue generated by offering exclusive content, you may be able to invest more time and resources into creating higher quality content.

Greater financial stability

Receiving memberships and donations from members can provide you with a more stable and predictable source of income, which can be particularly helpful for those who want to build a business and make a living off your content.

All-In-One Place

We know that creators have to distribute content on many different platforms. Here, you can gather everything in one place: Video, podcast, text, photos and connect and engage your audience.

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