Paid DMs

A Revolutionary Way for Creators to

Connect and Earn

Creators asked for it: We built it.

Introducing Paid DMs, a revolutionary platform that empowers creators to connect with followers and monetize their interactions. Set your price, promote, and reply within 48 hours – it’s that simple!

Paid DM Is Simple

We provide a platform where creators can set their own prices for DMs, with the average price ranging between $5 to $25. Creators promote. Followers pay to message them directly. Creators have 48 hours to reply. If they do, they earn. If they don’t, the followers won’t be charged. In addition to Paid DMs, our platform provides the opportunity to earn revenue through Memberships, and Donations. They can choose one of the options or combine them for maximum revenue potential.


These partners have a combined following base of over eight million, and they believe in our platform so much that, along with new creators like them signing up every day, they’ve joined forces with us.

Our Business Model

On Memberse, Creators can earn through Paid DMs, Memberships, and Donations, choosing one or a combination of options for maximum revenue potential. Our Memberse fee is just 15% of all earnings.

An Untapped Market

With a total addressable market of 200 million creators and the Creator Economy generating $100 billion in revenue (set to triple by 2030), the opportunity is massive.

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