Technical Guidelines


Here we list some guidelines for structuring your podcast for your community.

Define Your Niche
  • What is your topic?
  • Define your ideal listener
  • What is the hook?
Pick Your Format and Hosting Style

Choose between formats

Time to Record
  • Pick a solid name for your show
  • Aquire editing and recording software
  • Record your intros and outros
Launch and Market Your Show
  • Develop a marketing plan
  • Promote on social media
  • Post transcriptions on your website
  • Record more episodes and keep growing
Create Episode Subjects

What subtopics can you talk about in your niche?

Get the Right Equipment

Computer, microphone, editing software, headphones, artwork and hosting platform

Turn Your Files Into a Podcast
  • Design or buy artwork
  • Write your podcast description
  • Submit your podcast to directories

Here we list some guidelines for recording your podcast for your community.

Turn On Your Equipment

Lights, cameras, mixer, audio processor, microphones, recorders, computers and other devices. 

Check What's Really Necessary

When editing, load necessary programs and shut dow unnecessary programs. Soundboard, call software (SquadCast or Zoom), recorder, live streaming, chat rooms, notes, web browser. 

Close Doors and Windows

Close blinds for video. 

Silence Computer Sounds

Notifications, interactions and warnings. 

Take Care of Yourself

Use the restroom, drink a glass of room temperature water, pour another glass of room temperature water, clear throat and sinuses, apply lip balm, adjust clothing, fix hair, wipe oil face, retouch makeup, try mouth exercises.

Verify Equipment Settings

Battery levels, available storage space, volume levels, mix minus configuration, mutes and unmutes, connected cables, inputs and outputs and camera focus.

Turn Off Home Noise Makers

Heater, ac, fans, dishwasher, humidifier, music on tv, noisy furniture, and other appliances.

Review Notes

How to open the show, what are the don’t forget info to share, how to transition and how to close it off.

Airplane Mode

Turn off phones or place in “airplane mode”. 

Test Everything

Video camera, external audio recorder, live streaming, software recorders, cohost’s devices